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Your Ticket to Extraordinary Entertainment!

We’ve been creating entertainment environments for clients since the year 2000. Recognized for years for professional projects and work efficiency. As we’ve grown, our focus has changed and evolved to extending our services from audio and video, security and surveillance to a whole home automation and control. We work together with you to make sure your smart home compliments and simplifies your life.

home automation, audio, visual


Audio and Video play a huge role in today’s entertainment systems, and most people’s lifestyles. Imagine a system that allows you to play and control music throughout your entire home.
whole home automation


Security and Surveillance systems utilizes technology to provide peace of mind when it comes to your home, family, or business. Today’s security and surveillance are fully integrated with your automation system, they can turn on all the lights…
whole home automation


You may be asking, “What is Automation Control?” Automation Control provides a single system that controls other systems in your home. Those systems may include lighting, climate control, home security, irrigation systems, and audio/video.

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