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Jeff and Jeff from Theater One created the most awesome patio theater for us! They were beyond professional, from their selection of components to their ability to integrate and network the system into our home WiFi. Even our dogs loved having them here! No need to look any further than Theater One for your home theater and sound system needs!
Robin Feller
Jeff and Jeff were great to work with. They integrated our TV and Sound system with our new WiFi access system and fine-tuned everything in our new home. They were helpful with instructions and made sure everything was working before turning us loose! A pleasure to work with and responsive to calls. Would recommend highly for new system install or upgrades. Great guys!
Becky McLain
I would absolutely recommend Jeff and Theatre One. They just completed integration of a new WIFI mesh system, Media and Sound system within the entire house, and interfaced our outdoor power shades allowing us to create programs for different times of the day. I liked the way we created a plan to ensure once work commenced, they were able to get in and get it completed. Also, Jeff's creative imagination brought to our attention enhancements that we didn't consider. They are very considerate of the homeowner's environment and treated all with care. They taught us, came in under budget, and are a text message away for follow up questions.
Tom F
Jeff and his team did an outstanding job installing and setting up the TV / sound system in our pavilion. Once they understood our needs, Jeff worked quickly to put together a system that has delivered on every level. After installation they took the time to teach us how the system worked, and have been checking back on a regular basis to ensure everything is working as expected. Would definitely recommend them - and have - to others looking for a reliable home theater company that will deliver a solid system, backed by extremely responsive service after the install.
Brad Jeter
Great experience working with these guys. I got an amazing system that stayed within budget. All I get are compliments on it. Highly recommend!
Alicia Lavin
Jeff and his team were prompt and did a great job putting our theater room back together! Took the time to show how everything worked and made some suggestions for improvements. Would recommend.
Jeff and Jeff from Theater One recently installed an entertainment system in our newly remodeled home. They were reliable, professional, and very patient in answering all of our many questions to ensure we would be happy with the results of their work.This company is second to none in customer service. Not only that, but the quality of their work speaks for itself! We are so happy with the results that we've already told several friends about Theater One. We'll definitely be clients for life!
Shelli Lackey
REVIEW OF THEATER ONE INC.I have, as an adult, valued the quality of audiophile sound equipment. It has enriched my life in so many areas...especially my ears. I recently moved from Southern California to Washington State to retire near our Grandchildren. It was time for a fresh start with a high-quality home theater experience since the technology has exploded in the home entertainment industry since my last purchase.I was extremely fortunate to have found Jeff George of Theater One to guide me and to implement my desired new home entertainment system. I choose him because of his vast audiophile knowledge, experience, exacting installation metrics and technical ability to professionally “calibrate” my new system to perfection. What I got.... far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get all my hearts (and ears) desires, but I also made a like-mined friend during this exciting journey. Jeff, and his equally impressive computer genius, OJ (also named Jeff), spent hours on his laptop setting up my RTI remote control system integrator and home networking Wi-Fi so that everything talked to and worked together flawlessly. They spent a better part of a day installing, tweaking, calibrating, and connecting all the various audiophile home theater components...they were a marvel to watch. Then, when finished, they blew-my-mind with a demo of my new system. I expected good...what I got was “over-the-top" GREAT!I recommend, with my highest acclimation, THEATER ONE, Jeff George and OJ! They know what they are doing and follow that up with great Customer Service coupled with terrific communication skills.Give these guys a call, you will not regret your decision!Les BraunsteinBonney Lake, Washington
Les Braunstein
We have used Jeff from Theater One on several occasions. He has designed and installed two complete, high quality systems for us and we have referred him out to friends and family. Always quality equipment, friendly service, good communication and very impressive AV systems!
Theater One has been the AV professionals you've always wanted. Polite, responsive, timely, organized and professional. They've been able to solve problems others haven't, issues others created and on a scale that is both large and small. My most recent interaction was when Comcast randomly deactivated all cable boxes/cards, right before March Madness of course, and I spent more than 3 hours on the phone with technical support. After 3 hours Comcast said the only solution was to send a tech but that no slots were available for at least a month. I called Jeff and within an hour the next morning it was all back up and running. Whatever the size of your issue I'd strongly encourage a call to Theater One!
Brent Zwiers
Jeff & Jeff from Theater One set up my entertainment system to allow for all my equipment to function from a common remote for each room tv and for the house music. This was no easy task since the equipment was already installed and not what they normally worked with. They (Jeff and Jeff) both worked to ensure my system was easy to use and functioned as I wanted. They also went out of their way to come back to properly connect up my Roku that was installed by another. This allowed the use of the Roku to work through my receiver and surround sound. Jeff the programmer also assisted us with how to and what systems to stream through to ensure the best experience of entertainment. Thank you to Theater One both Jeff's....Note :As you can see in the photo my equipment was very compact
We have had a phenomenal experience with Theater One from the beginning. They helped set up our home theater system as our house was under construction. Jeff and Jeff showed up to our house and worked with our contractor to ensure they could get their wiring for surround sound done, even if I couldn’t be there to meet them. After our home was done being built, Jeff and Jeff were at our house finishing their work and continued checking in with us to ensure everything was working properly. They installed our 85” tv as soon as it arrived! I know that no matter what time of day I text Jeff, he always responds quickly and can provide instructions over the phone, or will offer to come to the house. I can always count on Theater One for my home entertainment needs and can’t recommend them enough!
Erika Carlson
Jeff and Jeff are amazing! Very professional. Experts. Yet they take the time to answer questions from a non techie like me and my husband! They really went above and beyond. They are timely and don’t leave until all the details are taken care of. I would recommend them again and again without hesitation.
Rosalie Olson
I have worked on over 60+ big budget movies. I'm am constantly on set and in viewing rooms with Directors and DPs. In my line of work everything must be perfect. I wanted to care this over to my home. Jeff helped me plan for the future and design and wire my new house for everything; security cameras, whole house/ multi-room audio, multiple surround sound viewing environments, whole house networking, name it I wanted it wired and ready. They knocked it out of the park! I had electricians asking me who did the work because it was impeccable. They thought of everything down to the smallest detail. If you are looking for a home theater company, stop. You've found them.
Jason D
I read other reviews and would echo them. "Jeff and Jeff were(and continue to be) a pleasure to work with!" Jeff is responsive, even when I have texted him in the evening because I couldn't figure out what to do...I can verify what the reviewer said, "Jeff and other Jeff(OJ) have a lifetime of knowledge and passion for theater... They were able to find solutions immediately. Decision’s were quick and I am still impressed at the work ethic and speed that they regularly perform tasks...Jeff and Jeff are a true pleasure to work with. There have been a few things that’ve come up since the project has been completed...Give them a call and you will not be disappointed. Even if you have the time and resources to get it done." In my case, I did my project in stages. At each area or component, Jeff and I talked out how to best approach that stage. I have one more stage to go and then I'll be able to enjoy my vinyl again!!
Richard Landon
Jeff and Jeff were(and continue to be) a pleasure to work with! Initially I contacted theater one, because of the consistently positive reviews, and specifically because I read several reviews that mentioned something about how responsive Jeff is. I actually only thought I’d need them to do just a portion of the work they did. I’ve always setup and done my own home theater and any speakers. After meeting with Jeff, it became clear that I needed theater one to do so much more work that I had planned to do myself. Jeff and other Jeff(OJ) have a lifetime of knowledge and passion for theater. For anything that I could imagine. The difference is, they actually have done it. Things that I thought were possible, but did not know how to accomplish. They were able to find solutions immediately. Decision’s we’re quick and I am still impressed at the work ethic and speed that they regularly perform tasks. I’m addition to that, they worked with(and kept in-line)the 2 other companies I had working on different jobs that were connected. Jeff and Jeff are a true pleasure to work with. There have been a few things that’ve come up since the project has been completed. The response time is so quick, that I typically miss it and he’s then waiting on me. I absolutely plan to use theater one for any project that they’re willing to perform the work for our home. My review of theater one does not feel adequate for the job they did. If you have ideas, or thoughts that you can’t quite figure out. Give them a call and you will not be disappointed. Even if you have the time and resources to get it done. Give them a call. You will not be disappointed!!! At each area or component, Jeff provided options and insight to make the best decision. His wheels are always turning and I can’t say enough to show my gratitude for the quality and professionalism of the work they performed at our home! Cheers!
Jason Demaray
Jeff and his crew are top notch! I've been using TheaterOne since 2008.I'm consistently impressed with their work ethic and attention to detail.My complex whole house audio/video system, including a media room, has been a pleasure to experience and always amazes guests.Upgrades have been easy over the years with sound advice from Jeff.
Mark G
We have worked with Theater One for a number of years on various projects with our home. Jeff and team are detailed, fantastic project managers, and have a strong work ethic. Our home is somewhat unique as I am disabled and theater one worked with a number of different vendors, to ensure our home was as automated as possible.
Nothing but exceptional. Think about how many times you use a service then the next time you call another person comes out and doesn’t understand the technology installed prior. Not with Theatre One. I have known these guys for 10 years and they have helped me in multiple houses and upgrades, very thorough and high quality and Jeff is always there. Highly recommended.
Brian Phair
Great experience from start to finish. They made sure everything was spot on and that I understood how everything worked. They were very responsive through the entire process. The end result is amazing!
Eric Hoolahan
Jeff, Thank you for treating my home like it was yours! exceptional service and knowledge...i strongly recommend Theatre one
Tyler Foss
Jeff and his assistant came out to my new house to come up with ideas for my home theater and backyard patio. The expertise and input they brought was fantastic as we came up with a game plan. Ultimately we decided to mount an outdoor tv for the patio and it has been a game changer! It has been getting rave reviews from family and friends who come over.Working with Jeff was incredibly easy. Communication was top notch, they were able to provide the necessary materials, and scheduling with them took no time at all. Would highly recommend them to anyone I know who is trying to update any of the entertainment centers in their house. Definitely looking forward to working with them again in the future!
Jacob Lawson
Jeff and his crew at Theater One have been phenomenal to work with. He has done work for me over the past 15 years, including entertainment room A/V equipment, sound systems - including ceiling flush mounted speakers, big screen television installations, and most recently an external home security system.Jeff always starts by asking questions to understand the goal for any job or upgrades, as well as my budget for the work to be done. He then simplifies the options down to a manageable few ideas, allows me to ask questions, and once I make a decision, the work is scheduled and completed on time, and in budget.Never once have I had a schedule issue, a budget issue, or a quality problem. Every job has exceeded expectations because they are so easy to work with. Whether my issue is WiFi, entertainment and sound, or security...Theater One is the first and only call I make.
Sarah Howard
Jefff and his team are great. Very helpful and available to answer any and all questions. Always checking to see if everything works right. Cant recommend them enough!!
Softy Mahler
Jeff George and his Theater One team did an outstanding job installing our A/V system several years ago. When we recently needed additional work done, they were our first and only choice, and again they exceeded our expectations. We will use Theater One's services in the future.
Bill Robertson
Recommended by a friend, we utilized the tech expertise of Theater One Inc. to upgrade our poor WiFi system, add tv/entertainment to areas & fix cable issues in a home with a multitude of steel. Wished we had known about them when building our home! Jeff & Jeff are extremely knowledgeable, up-to-date on tech and able to explain in user-friendly terms. They estimate/complete scheduled appointments, order/bring the equipment needed to complete the job and provide service with follow up questions. We will continue to use and highly recommend Theater One to assist with everchanging tech needs.
Lori Ann Reeder
Theater One did an excellent job. I needed better Wi-Fi coverage so it was a relatively small job. I was concerned that it would be a job to small for them to deal with but they responded immediately and fixed the problem in an hour. I would highly recommend them!
Jeff from Theater One provided us with an exceptional entertainment system in the price range we were looking for. He is knowledgeable and was able to guide us through the process as new buyers with less technical experience. He was punctual, reliable, and, trustworthy. We are extremely satisfied with our experience. Thanks, Jeff
I have been working with Jeff for nearly 20 years and there is no one I would trust more having in my home to ensure my audio and video equipment are running good and up to date than Theater One.
Matt Bebich
Really glad we went with Theatre One! We recently moved into a new home that has a theatre room and sound throughout the house but the technology was ~15 years old. Jeff from Theatre One looked at our current setup and put together a proposal for different price ranges for what we wanted.We were able to get exactly what we wanted for the price we were hoping to pay. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable and professional with every encounter. He also stands by his work and the products they sell and I'm sure if I run into any issues or have questions he'l happily lend a hand!
John Rinaldi
We found Jeff/Theater One back in 2015. He/his team worked closely with our objectives in mind. Jeff connected us with a few vendors to help complete a major project (re-purpose a games room into a huge theater room with false wall, acoustic treated paint, two risers and a gigantic screen). He spent countless hours with us and we greatly appreciate everything he has done for us.
Archie Adams
Great guys to work with, committed to customer service. Responds quickly when I have a question or I'm stuck (tech challenged). We would definitely call Theater One for future projects.
George Skinner
I recently started working with Theater One when recommended to them from my former media company when they moved out of town. Jeff and Jeff have been outstanding to work with, professional, and very knowledgeable. They were able to fully assess my home system and recommend necessary upgrades to improve our home network and media options. They changed out wireless system and it is vastly improved over previous and outdated system. They are able to support me remotely and seem to be available at any time of the day and always willing to help. Very happy I was able to find them and know I will be working with them for a very long time.
We had Theater One upgrade our man-cave TV to a 82". They were here many years ago so we pushed the easy button and had them return to do this upgrade. We followed their advice and I love what we have now!
Bruce Bodine
Jeff George is highly professional, knowledgeable and a perfectionist. He installed a media room in our hone many years ago. We have and will continue to use him for any upgrades, repairs etc. He is the best !
Patty Knodel
We have had a very successful relationship with Theater One Audio/Visual Specialists (TO).Approximately 2 months ago we requested TO to review our existing antiquated theater room/ home audio system and to propose changes to improve our existing situation. They agreed to do so and traveled approximately 70 miles to our location and at no minimum cost. After thoroughly reviewing our situation, TO proposed several upgrade scenarios and we came to an agreement as to which option would meet both our needs and budget.The work and upgrades have met all our expectations related to timeliness, professionalism, training and most importantly, the results. In addition, since we are baby boomers our retention of several of the technological changes/ requirements has required the need to be refreshed so on several occasions we have had to call/ text with questions and TO has always responded in a very pleasant and timely manner.Very SatisfiedJWW
Jack Ward
What impressed me the most was Jeff runs his business like a real business. Arrives when he says he will, provides the information as promised, completes the work timely and precisely as he promised.
leonard green
Theater One is excellent. Jeff and his workers always do outstanding work.
James Wallace
I had a very positive experience with the team from Theater One. I had another company who could not complete the installation due to the extensive knowledge needed and was referred to Theater One. They came in and guided me on what items I needed to purchase and have installed in order to get the project completed. I felt their pricing was reasonable and the follow through terrific. Our system has been up and running perfectly.
I was referred to Jeff George and the team at Theatre One by an electrician friend, and we seriously could not have been happier with the entire process.We have been amidst a home remodel, and although we had a built-in speaker system in place, they were dated and underperformed. Jeff came in for the consultation to share some ideas and gave us some thoughts on how to best update our entire system.When our home was finally ready for Jeff and his team to come in and install the system, they were speedy and thorough with the work they did. The components they suggested are phenomenal and we've been enjoying them every chance we get. We had a slight issue about 2 weeks after (due to a needed system update), but Jeff and his team came back out immediately and remedied it at no additional costs.This is a team that has an incredible depth of knowledge, a tremendous level of service, an ear for the perfect sound, and a high level of dedication to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend working with Theatre One!
Lars Gouwerok
Jeff and Jeff are great! They are very knowledgeable and professional. We have used this company for years. The service is fast and they often can help troubleshoot over the phone for non tech savvy people like me! Our dog even remembers them and loves them both!
Debra Barker
Could not ask for a better experience! The crew was very thorough and explained everything! I love my theater!
Jason Barker
Theater One completed our original install six years ago. One year in Jeff fine tuned a few things as we continued to grow. Last month he completed a new upgrade and it's fantastic. We added/tweaked a few devices on our own over the past 4 years until it was one too many. Fortunately when I called for help Jeff arrived the next day, got everything up and running while he ordered a few parts. Our upgrade has been in operation for a few weeks now and it's made our lives in the tap room so much easier. We can switch between music, microphone and other devices with the push of a button. The system is organized and the components the staff uses are separated from the actual equipment, which takes away the urge to start pushing every accessible knob and button. The sound quality is excellent, it enhances everyones mood and experience. Thanks again Theater One.
Hiro Asami
The guys at Theater One are fantastic! We were very happy with the process and outcome. So much we've become a repeat customer again this year. Jeff is very friendly and his staff is wonderful. I can't recommend them enough. You will find them professional, talented and serious about perfection!
Mark Lawson
Theater One designed both our CCTV security system and also our home music experience. Jeff George and Theater One are first class with both installation and post sale service. They deserve six stars.
Burr Anderson
Theater One updated my TV and home sound system. I have called on them when I need anything for my music system. I will continue to call on them in the future.
Carol Else
The service Theater One provided for me was honest, cost effective, and the results were very pleasing! I HIGHLY recommend them for your entertainment needs!
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Jay Dog
My company has worked with Jeff and his crew over the years and all I can say is he is very knowledgeable and professional. Never had a problem and is a pleasure to do business with.
tim haisch

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